Monday, November 16, 2009

Festival of Trees

Today I had a dentist appointment at 7:10 am. It lasted 2 hours. TWO HOURS. I don't know about you guys, but I've never had a dentist appointment last more than 60 minutes. And to be frank, that was more than enough for me. I hate the dentist. These people were so thorough that I discussed my medical history more with them than I did the doctor I saw in the E.R. This concerns me.

After my appointment I had a very productive orientation and productive day on top of that. Then a Festival of Trees committee meeting followed and the day appeared to have ended at 7:30. But then the trouble starts....because Monday night TV is on, and I want to watch it all tonight, which appears to be an impossible feat. Ironically enough, Matthew's already asleep on the couch when he had the day off, slept two hours longer than I did and even snuck in a nap mid-day... ;-)

Megh and Drew came down this weekend and we shared a glorious weekend together (continued after the following rant..)

We saw 2012 on Saturday night, which I will give a C- to speed up the process. This movie defines the word "extreme." It was great, sure; but I would take a boring, plotless movie over this alternative due to the merciless nature of this film. It wasn't just terrifying, but wearing on the soul...deep, down into the bones. It did manage to strike my interest enough to Google and even (GASP!) read up on the Mayan culture, which is terribly interesting. I do suggest learning more about it if ever captured in a state of nothing much to do.

Continuing on, we had a lovely time with Sister and Wilford. Despite the grumpy folks at Applebees and the staff's apparent inability of cleaning off tables, we managed to have a fantastic time this weekend. I look forward to the current week (starting Thursday) of New Moon midnight showings and the fancy event of Festival of Trees for which I have been enthusiastically awaiting for the last few months!

As for now, I must get back to Monday night TV with the Big Bang Theory and HORATIO's wise words. Hopefully you are all sharing in this as well.

(And Lots and LOTS of love),
Matt & Mal

P.S. How 'bout those HAWKS, Folks??!!
Walk the Walk and ROCK THE CHALK. 'Fo Shizzle.

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