Monday, September 28, 2009

Bachelorette Party

I had a successful 80's themed bachelorette party on Saturday night!! We had a Mexican Fiesta at Michelle's house before which included nachos, 7-layer dip, queso, and Margaritas (of course!!). After that, we taxi'd it to Mass Street where we walked from Bar to Bar, getting free shots and having lots of fun! At the end of the night we took a taxi back home and ate some late-night Mexican food (Or at least I did!!). A good time had by all. Sarah, Beth, Emmy, and Ericka; wish you could've been there!!!!!

Now, I'm just counting down the days until the big day, which is coming up surprisingly fast!!!!!! I'm super excited. I will be coming down to Topeka on Thursday with Matty and we'll be finishing up some last minute details. We received our Honeymoon details in the mail as well, so I'll let you know the itinerary on that since we won't have much contact with you all once we're in Cabo.

I hope everyone has a spectacular week and I can't wait to see everyone on Friday & Saturday!!! Hooray!

Rock Chalk,
Mal & Matt


  1. I am not making one normal face in any of these pictures.


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