Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Second Trip To See Funny People

Rotten Tomatoes Rated Funny People at a 66%...which I must sadly say, I have to agree with. Let's weigh out the pros and cons of this movie:

  1. Seth Rogan was a main character. He's adorable, not to mention a really funny guy. He was probably the funniest part of this movie.
  2. It had a good storyline.
  3. It ended on a good note, so that was pleasant.
  4. There were some really funny parts that I wish filled the entire movie.
  1. This movie was 2 1/2 hours long. I mean, come on.
  2. There were awkward, depressing scenes about every 10 minutes.
  3. I thought it was supposed to be a comedy. I was apparently wrong.
  4. Adam Sandler was a butt-head the entire time. Yes, I just called him a butt-head.
  5. I have a feeling that midway through this movie everyone in the theater was as confused as I was when the movie turned into a depressing mess.

All in all, it was still a good movie, just not what I had expected. It kind of caught me off guard.


  1. I kinda assumed from the trailer it would be a bit depressing at times.

  2. oh great....Nick and I are going to go see it tonight.

  3. So I really liked Funny People...I gave it an 85%


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