Thursday, August 27, 2009

Movie Reviews

Matt and I have been watching a lot of Movies lately. It's relaxing, and there's been a lot of good ones released recently. Here are my thoughts on the movies:

I Love You, Man
Fantastic. Hilarious. A bit awkward at times, but that's what really made the movie. The actors were wonderful, as usual. Paul Rudd...probably one of my top 5 favorite actors (due to his prior Jayhawk status, and his overall Awesomeness), was hilarious and sweet, with a little bit of pissed off mixed in there as well. Perfect for this storyline. Jason Segal was freaking hilarious, as he typically is. Without him, this movie would have lost half of it's awesomeness. It has a great storyline, it doesn't beat around the bush, and it was crouch-over-in-pain hilarious. A++

17 Again
This movie surprised me, in a very good way. It was HILARIOUS. I laughed AS much, if not more, during this movie as I did in I Love You, Man. Don't believe me? Then watch the movie. If you have watched the movie and didn't like it, you might want to go see a doc because you've had one too many blows to the head. Matthew Perry was great, as usual; plus, he was something wonderful to drool over. But, the best part of this movie....drum roll, please.....ZAC EFFRON. No, I am not a hormonal teenage girl; he was just THAT fantastic in this movie. Holy Lord. He was so funny, I was stunned. And if that doesn't reel you in, see this movie just because he's shirtless in some scenes - that, my friend, is a damn good reason. A++

I'll have to get back to you on this one. I saw parts, but I was too distracted during it's viewing to give an accurate review. So far: B

Sunshine Cleaning
Good movie, overall. It was a little bit sad, but nothing like Funny People. Don't get me started on that movie..
There were some really funny parts, and it had a bizarre storyline, but it was a great show. The actors were great as well. Amy Adams did a fantastic job and had a very dynamic character. Some parts of the movie were very ironic, which I really like in a movie. It gives it character. All in all, a great movie/ending, but if you're looking for a good chuckle, I'd recommend the first two I listed. B+

Fast and Furious
Yes, Sister. I rented this movie. Matt judged me, too.
This movie was exactly what I expected; the typical furiously terrible acting (pun absolutely intended), racing of cars, and love drama. I liked it mostly because Paul Walker is nice to look at. Vin Diesel was a moron..and still, after all of these movies, a crappy actor. You would've thought he had improved by now. The storyline was just like all the other movies, and wasn't at all deep or moving (who could've guessed?). Though, I was impressed by the faithful return of actors from the first film. When you get down to it, this movie is definitely watchable, but it's not something I would admit to liking. So I guess you'll never know the truth. C-

Next Up: Gigantic starring Zooey Deschannel

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  1. That's exactly what I told everyone when I saw 17 Again and no one believed me! It was awesome. And I actually want to see Fast & Furious, we have it so sometime I suppose I will get around to watching it.


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