Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning

Well, we're back to Monday again. This weekend was tiring, but we had a blast! It was our Friend Claire's birthday, so Me, Matt, Phil, and Jade spent the weekend out at Milford Lake. A couple of her friends came Saturday night as well as a few of ours, and we had a lot of fun together. Doug so kindly let us keep the boat there all weekend so we took it out quite a few times. Saturday we were out on the water from 11:30 to 5:30ish, so it was definitely a long day. We all got quite a bit of sun that day. Everyone loved the campsite and said several times that the Aufferts were "the bomb," which I thought Mom and Dad would appreciate. The Rempps, as well, for letting us hold their boat hostage for the weekend. All in all, a great time had by all.

I have a few orientationers walking in, so I must go. I leave you with the picture of the tattoo I will soon be getting. If you ask nicely, maybe sis will post hers too when I'm done creating it.
It's going on the side of my foot...I'm so excited to get it done that I kind of want to get it done early!! haha..maybe I can convince Meg.

Later Gators,

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  1. I read Midnight Sun, I have to say it was pretty funny and amazing. I was dying laughing when Edward and Emmett were trying to make it so Ben would ask Angela out...Anyhow. That is all.


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