Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are We There Yet?

It was terrible. I went in for a kiss, but she wants a hug, okay? Then I get caught in a sort of kiss-hug limbo type thing. I don't know what that is, then I ended up *shaking* her entire body!

So here we sit, in the middle of the week, awaiting the weekend. At least I do.

This weekend, I have nothing to do. Matt, however, works all weekend, so at least I'll get to sit at home and talk to myself...and Jade. Perhaps I will finish the scrapbook that I recently started. Or the series of Twilight. Yes, I think I will do both.

Apparently it cost the city of Los Angeles over 4 million dollars to have police officers working overtime for Michael Jackson's funeral. It's cool; the state isn't in enough debt already...$53.7 billion to be exact.

Yesterday was my interview at the hospital for a pharmacy tech; I can't really tell how it went. I'm pretty sure I babbled on like an idiot when they asked me questions like, "Why do you want to work here," and "what assets can you bring to the team". That, or I just said the same things over and over. Yes, I'm pretty sure it was the latter.

I will be here in 88 days. Ahhh...Cabo.

So I'm hoping four hours from now will put me in a better mood, but I won't hold my breath. This job thing is really getting me down. But, life goes on, and hopefully will improve quickly.

Hope everyone's day is going well.

Rock Chalk,

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  1. I like your quote! I need to watch that movie again. And stop bragging about Cabo...not fair, I should be going...haha. I'm almost done with Twilight again...the book that is.


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