Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Update the World's Been Waiting For...

Termite Update:
We have taken care of the termites..fortunately, they have only infested the laundry room wall adjacent the man-cave (not your room, sis). A local pest-control company came and installed the Sentricon system around our house and "terminated" the problem in the wall, so all is well in the Rempp/Auffert household.

We will be traveling to Lawrence this Friday for Matt's sister's 21st, which I'm pretty stoked about! I hope everyone has a great's almost here!

Rock Chalk,
Matt & Mallory


  1. Phew. I did not want to share my room with termites. Can't wait to see you guys Friday! Hooray!

  2. Mallory and Matt that is awesome! Glad to hear the little pests are handled! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday! Have fun at Michelle's birthday party! Be safe! Love ya, mom


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