Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sprinting into May

Hello all -
I just finished enjoying Megh's "Todays", which is quite the clever name! (you might want to trademark that, sister. It's a good one!) I got a real kick out of the Jade story - she told me about it last night, but I thought it was even more funny today! What a "special" dog.

Well, the world of Matt & Mal is troubling this Thursday. Matt and I are currently going through the first trial of being homeowner's: termites. Bummer, right? Orkin is coming this afternoon to check out the situation, so hopefully it's not as bad as were anticipating! Good ole' adult-hood.

Speaking of adult-hood, I have officially finished all of my classes; hopefully with all A's. Graduation is coming up on the 15th of May, and I can't wait for it to all finally be over. I was talking to Matt the other day about getting my bachelor's in Marketing Management from Fort Hay's State and he claims it's just because I don't want to grow up and start working 40 hours a week (which I can't say is a complete lie..!). But, I suppose we'll see.

I traveled the country this past weekend to Topeka, Lawrence, Maryville, and Kansas City, and all in good fun. I had a great time at my Friend's 21st birthday party in Lawrence, traveled to Maryville for the cleanup weekend, and then to Kansas City to say farewell to a friend that's leaving for Japan for three years (see the pictures below). All in all, a great weekend!!

So that's basically all for now - I'll update on the Termite Situation, which I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seat waiting for. Hope everyone has a splendid weekend!!

Rock Chalk,
Matt & Mal


  1. Yes, Mal that really does "stink"! I must say we have lived in heaven knows how many houses and have never had the little varmits!But at least it was early before your house evaporated around you!I'm trying to look on the positive side for you!!Yes, he have been a "traveling girl" lately! But I must say it truly makes me feel so good that all you kids as busy as you are there to help and support!! Well must go for a drastic haircut!! I'm in a mood!!
    Love you,

  2. Have you solved the termite problem yet? I hope they didn't infest my room.


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