Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures from recent trips to KC, our new landscaping in the back, and our children (a.k.a. our Animals).


  1. Ugh, I look disgusting in that first picture! I am so bored of studying I can't read anymore about hemorrhagic colitis, that's right, look it up. haha. Gross. Anyways those pics, those were good times, wishing they were still occurring...

  2. Hey Mal, Nice Pics looks like alot of fun! Also love the landscaping, it looks very nice!I see Maggie is working hard at it in the chair! Boo looks smaller???Has he shrunk??lol Its so nice to keep up with you all and whats going on in wild Salina!
    Love ya,

  3. haha...she definitely hasn't shrunk! and maggie's a little bi-otch! haha...she loves her chairs. and her new landscaping! she's in kitty heaven now. I put up the landscaping pic for you, though! wanted to show the hard work the men did. now to get rid of those termites....bastards!

  4. Oh good Lord the "joy" of being a homeowner!! Hopefully they are just in one spot or something!! I bet Maggie is in heaven, she needs to get out and get a job to support herself and her watering needs!!


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