Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Case of the Tuesdays

Just a quick update regarding the wedding, if you're interested. Thought I'd give a few links to those who are either in the wedding, or are just interested in general about what's going on.

Location of Ceremony & Reception: Great Overland Station

We have this facility all day (until Midnight) and we're planning on having everyone get ready there beforehand.

Photographer: Jim Sovanski (He did mine and Meg's senior pics)
We're starting the pictures at 2:30, which means we'll start getting ready around 1:00, and he'll do the "Putting on the dress" picture of me around 2:00. We should be done by 4:30 and we'll get back to the place early enough to touch up makeup and the ceremony will start at 5.

DJ: Sound Entertainment DJ

Caterer: Sweet Dreams Catering, Meriden KS

Florist: In the works

Dresses/Alterations/Suits: Bonnie Payne
I believe I'm going to have Bonnie make the bridesmaids dresses. She does a fantastic job with this and it'll be about half the price of David's Bridal. We're still going to do the dress shopping on Saturday, obviously, but we'll need to take pictures of the dress that everyone likes (stlye, etc.) and then she can duplicate the dress for us, with a little customizing if we want it. For the ushers and groomsmen, I'm planning on having black suits with black shirts underneath and then the red ties. I'm not sure on vests yet. We'll just have to see it on them.

Wedding Party:
Maid of Honor: Meghan
Bridesmaids: Erin Santner, Colby Stauffer, Michelle Rempp, Sarah Bryant

Best Man: Craig Orton
Groomsmen: Ben Beggs, Tyler Babb, Phil Gugler, Andrew Peterson

Flowergirl: Brylee
Ring Bearer: Gabriel Martin

Ushers: Drew, (undecided on Second)

Candlelighters: Beth Reine, Emily Bryant

Reader @ Cermony: Rachel Hopkins
Guestbook: Sarah Young

Pastor: Todd Treese

Colors: Crimson(Apple @ David's Bridal) and Dark Blue(Marine or Twilight @ David's Bridal)

So that's pretty much what mom and I have done (well, Mom's done most of it, really). If you have any suggestions for Bouquet ideas, let me know. I'm sort of new at this so I'm welcoming creative ideas!! Can't wait to see all of my bridesmaids on Saturday. We're planning on meeting at 1:00, but I'll let you know if it changes. Hope everyone's having a great week!


p.s. I recommend the book "Twilight". I've just finished reading it and it's amazing! That was random, but I think everyone should know this.


  1. Loved the wedding update.
    Love, Traci

  2. I hear the maid of honor is awesome.

  3. Hey Mal I am just loving this blog! I like you putting what we have done so far down on paper!
    I am planning on buying the book since you were up til 3am reading it!
    Love ya,

  4. haha - it'll be the best 8 dollars you've ever spent!!!!!


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