Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bridal Party Extravaganza

Hello to Everyone! I want to thank all of my gals for coming and being so entirely cooperative/patient in the dress-picking-out process! I had such a great time and it went way more smoothly than I could have hoped for! :-D We did get a dress picked out for my bridesmaids as well as for the candle lighters. All of my gals looked so beautiful in the dresses and it makes me so excited for the wedding to just get here, already!

The first two pics are of Beth and Emmy, my Candlelighters. The actual dress color is the one that Emmy's wearing in the picture (the blue). The pics with the 5 gorgeous gals are my Bridesmaids. The actual color of those dresses are what Michelle and Sarah (the two on the left in the pics) are wearing.

For Bry, Traci and I found the Perfect Dress!!

We had such a great time, though the store was packed full of random people, but we managed to get out of there in 45 minutes! A new record, I'm sure.

I hope everyone's having a relaxing Sunday!



  1. I had a great time Saturday trying on the dresses...they are so pretty! Seeing you two days in a row made my whole weekend!! :)

  2. Hey Mallory,
    You did good! And you didn't have a melt down with the huge array of people in that store! I'm proud of you on that one! But I must say all your girls were so accomdating that it made it easier on you! Another thing down!

    Love ya,

  3. Haha...not getting married for 3 years....hahaha


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