Monday, January 27, 2014

Life lately

 The last few months have been somewhat of a whirlwind! I can't get over how quickly Adelaide is growing. At the same time, it feels like time has stopped some days. The lack of sleep being the main contributor to that feeling.
These days you can likely find us going to bed early, keeping quiet as we embrace this new and interesting life with a child. 
Most days it's challenging, but proves worth the blood sweat and tears the minute my girl stares up at me and smiles! 
The cats are driving me mad. Nothing new there.
My relationship with latex nipples and Tommee Tippee have become a little too close for comfort.
I have learned how to suck snot from my daughter's nose using a complicated machine and a squirt of saline spray [you really haven't lived until you've learned how to use a snot-sucking apparatus].
And black box has become my saving grace. [I've turned in to a wine-o]
My recent obsession revolves around getting my daughter on a schedule [easier said than done, believe me]. I'm told that newborns thrive on schedules. Thus far it's proving effective. 

My sense of humor is in the pooper lately [I'm thanking the lack of sleep] so I'm sorry for minimal posts, but I just find it hard to write when I can't make fun of myself or others. She is starting to sleep better so I'm hoping to get some camera and blogging time in during the next few months. 

Thanks for sticking with me, all!

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