Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beatles Inspired Nursery

As promised, I have for you all the
highly anticipated
Nursery Reveal!

I have rearranged my baby girl's room approximately 400 times because
- let's face it - 
she's going to care.

I painted the walls a neutral gray so we wouldn't have to repaint it down the road.

You may well have guessed by now that the hubs and I are pretty big Beatles fans.
We're old souls. Very wise. And today's music can sometimes be comparable to cow manure.
 I wanted to stray from the typical ballerina/animals/pink/chevron themes and stick to a random gathering of cool stuff & colors. You won't find much in the way of "baby" prints, and that's just fine with me. Adding in a few Beatles pieces here and there really threw M & I's preferences in to her room without it looking tacky. [I hope]

 Plus, nothing makes me happier than singing "Dear Prudence" in the car [loudly].
Which is exactly where the inspiration for the custom wall art [tutorial] came from. 
The yellow flower came later. 
"It's just missing something," I pleaded to my husband. He had already put up with weeks of me trying to perfect that one piece of decor, so he replied with a quick and desperate "just put a flower on it or something." Brilliant. Just brilliant.
White shag rug, Target
 I went against the grain and opted to not spend close to $150 buckaroos on a bed set. 
First off, I couldn't find a set that didn't make me want to light it on fire.
[Okay, I found like 2 sets that I didn't actually want to light on fire, but that doesn't mean I liked them.]

 And secondly, you quite literally cannot use half the crap that comes in them - at least for the first year. The peeps that like us to keep our kids alive suggest absolutely NOTHING in the crib except a sheet and a kid until about 6 months of age. [Yes, the cute elephants are going to have to vacate the crib. Sorry guys] So you're stuck with an adorable quilt, random pillows and blankets that you're unable to use. We just don't have the room to store extra junk. We barely have room to store the junk we have.
[I also liked the clean look of this crib without a dust ruffle, not to mention it would be unusable once you have to lower the crib at around a year. That would've went unused as well.]

So I went searching online and found this great fabric store with really fun prints: Fabricworm.
The fabric wasn't necessarily cheap, but it was high quality and they had prints that you won't find anywhere around here.
How spectacular is this crib? I'm not a designer type in any way, shape or form, but it screams VINTAGE! to me. Which is totally the vibe I was going for. If you are a designer and you disagree, just keep your thoughts to yourself.
During our visit to Estes Park this past May, we went to my favorite store downtown and I found these ah-mah-zing old school Beatles posters that I just had to have.

I was also adamant about not buying a changing table for the following reasons:
1) Once they're a little older, you basically use any surface you can find to change their diaper, rendering the changing table officially useless
2) We had no room

Many people just suggest using a changing pad & cover and setting it on the dresser.
So voila! Perfect way to save money and space. My mom got the changing cover from Etsy. It's a very soft, minky fabric that matches the red in our fabric. 

The lamp is a quickie Target makeover that only cost me the purchase of the lamp. 
The fabric flowers were a quick DIY that made the lamp look like part of a "set" since I just used scraps of fabric leftover from the sheets & curtains.

Plus, I now possess some mad fabric flower-making skillz for headbands and hairpieces for my little lady to wear.
Picture frame: Target
 Next: The dresser.
Oh the dresser. 
I heart this piece so much.
Just look at those precious knobs!
It's got a glossy finish so it will be easy to clean and it looks gorgeous

Addi has some serious sucking up to do to Nana & Papa when she gets here, as they insisted on buying the crib & dresser to get us started. Talk about a HUGE help! [My in-laws wanted to do the spoiled are we?? My parents got to us first, so they got us all of the car seat essentials instead!!]

This piece might look familiar.
It used to belong in the living room, but when we moved I determined there was no good place to put it, so it just hung out in the spare room. Now it holds all of Addi's books and goodies that I think she'll love. 
The "A" print was made by my SIL at my last shower. It has thumbprints from all of our guests! 
The piece of art next to the "A" was a purchase from last year's River Festival. It has lots of fun and inspiring quotes that I found very precious. 
My BF got her a beautiful designer plate with a quote from one of my favorite Beatles tunes, Let it be that sits next to the Beatles record from the fabulous Beatles Themed shower my sis threw me!

I found the cute wagon from an antique store mom & I visited this past weekend. I got it for her NB pictures, but until we use it for that I thought putting some of her books in it would look cute! 

And, of course, she had to have some Harry Potter books in her nursery. 
Where else will her wisdom come from?
 We purchased the very last of this beautiful fabric from Fabricworm and my mother made the most FANTASTIC curtains out of it!! They didn't have much fabric left so she added strips of colors to the top and bottom to give it some extra length; aren't they faaaabulous?! 
They're blackout curtains, too, so it's very dark in her room. Perfect for naptime!
One of my best lady friends made her this custom name decor. 
Which worked out absolutely wonderfully because I had yet to make anything with her name on it.
8 letters later, my pal was surely wishing she hadn't taken on such a large task, but I'm so grateful for it! 
Now, onto organization. 
I'll let you guys in on a little secret: kids - no matter how small - come with a lot of crap
And having "a lot of crap" lying around gives me serious anxiety. 
I have to organize it or I will spontaneously combust.

I found this cute little door hanger from Wal-Mart and threw on some cute ribbon & decorative labels. I put burp cloths, bibs, hair bows/headbands and hats in this baby.
Speaking of organization, my next spazoid project to tackle was the closet. 
Good God, was that a project.
This child has SO many clothes, I can't even describe it to you. You just have to see it for yourself. 
The picture doesn't even do her clothing selection justice since the closet runs an additional 2 feet in each direction behind the doors. 

I did the best I could with what I was given.

Her sippy cups/utensils/toys for later are in a large tote at the top, as well as extra diapers, wipes, and misc. items. 
The middle shelf has labeled bins with pacis/bath items/shoes/and toys, as well as some items she won't be able to use when she's brand new. 
And finally, the bin on the bottom has clothes from 9 months on. Because I simply ran out of room to hang things. There is also a large bin filled with her blankets [freshly washed, of course!].
I also separated clothes with closet dividers that I spiced up with some scrap book paper & mod podge.  

Holy bajeezes.

So that's that, folks. I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of her room! I can't wait to actually be able to use all of this stuff. 
Let's all collectively keep our fingers crossed that she is, in fact, a girl..


  1. Hi there! I Googled Beatles nursery and came across your blog. I love what you did. :) If you don't mind me asking, where did you find the "All you need is love" wall decal? I simply adore it. Thank you!

    1. Hey there! I'm not sure where that came from, it was a gift from my mom. But I looked on etsy and they have a variety!

      Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting the blog!!!


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