Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Adelaide Show: Episode 1

Addi was performing her typical Stomp! routine in my uterus last night [a skill she acquired from her father, no doubt. Except instead of my uterus, he does it in the bathroom while I'm trying to sleep.], so I tried to capture some of her acrobatics on video. Pay particular attention to the top-right of my belly-button and the bottom right of my belly. It's really much cooler in person, but since you all can't come visit me and sit around waiting for her to dance, I figured this would have to do.

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  1. Welcome to parenthood, Mal. 18 years will come and go before you know it. Do your best to appreciate the time you have with your family and never forget the good times :) Glad to hear everything's well.

    ~Craig A.


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