Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4D sonogram!

 Okay, so I know I've shown these on Facebook.
And e-mail.
And text.
And to random passersby.

Don't judge me. I'm just excited to meet my baby girl!
 And yes, I know that these 3D ultrasounds are pretty creeptastic, but our doc does them for free so we weren't going to turn them down! 
Plus, our sono tech is SO amazing that she tried not once, not twice, but THREE different times when I happened to be in the doctor's office for other things.
She's the coolest sono tech ever.

Our dear daughter is a bit stubborn (I have NO idea who she acquired that trait from) so she wasn't in a great position any of the three times, but I was happy with the ones we got. 

My favorite is the one with her foot in her mouth. :)
 And this one she captured today. For some reason, it totally reminds me of the poster for the "Rocky" movie.
If ever my daughter aspires to be as badass as Rocky, who am I to stop her?

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