Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday fun

Hola, amigos. 
Today is Friday. I am SO grateful for this for the following reasons:
yeah, that's pretty much it.

I'm hoping to unpack & catch up on sleep this weekend. And with any luck, besides swimming with my little sis & possibly seeing a movie with the hubs, nothing else will be accomplished in our household. 

Addi hasn't gotten a whole lot bigger since you've seen me last, but my beach ball gut has certainly acquired two new traits:
1) Hard. Like...I do ab-work every day hard [which I do not]
2) Squirmy. As in - my kid is like..moving and kicking. Inside of me. It's both amazing and slightly creepy.
don't let this angle fool you. the camera adds 10 pounds.
'exactly how many cameras are on you??' 

Squirt & I wish you all a very happy Friday. I hope your weekends are all as magically unproductive as I hope mine to be. 

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