Thursday, June 13, 2013

River Festival Weekend

Yesterday I mentioned what a crazy busy weekend I had. Most of it had to do with the annual River Festival! It's the most noteworthy activity that our tiny town has to offer, making it an event the whole fam-damnly attends, this year especially. I convinced my brother, mother and father to come here for the event! Talk about a good time.

Thursday night is "Jam Night." Basically, all of the bands that will perform that weekend perform all in one night. It's also the busiest night, so you have to get there early, otherwise you get a crappy spot.

We got there late, so we got said crappy spot. But it was still fun!

Friday is when all of the arts & crafts start opening up. Matt was playing disc, so I went to look for something fun and unique to hang in Sprout's room. 
 ^This guy was coloring flattened coins with heat. It was so badass. 
 ^This was Friday night, a little less crowded. Everyone basically sets up camp and has a great time listening to music and eating bad-for-you food! 

 ^I found these people from Lawrence. Turns out they're the folks that made my Lawrence brick that mom got for me on Etsy! Here's their Etsy Store
 ^Jo got Sprout one of these hand dyed/bleached onesies and matching hoodie. It's precious!!

 ^Here's just ONE row of the merchant art tents. People come from all over the US to bring their hand made unique crafts to our town. There are around 6 or 7 rows total with merchants. It's pretty amazing!

 ^mmmmm...fair food! :)
 ^my beautiful little sis/helper!

 ^This is the tent I was in charge of organizing volunteers for. Kenz & I worked the Sunday morning shift. I think it was one of the most popular tents around! 

 ^Every year they paint a different design in the grass on this hill. It's SO pretty. 
 ^Some of the expensive artwork. Look, don't touch. 
^A fun way to piece art together...three different art pieces on the same wheel. Just spin each section to piece them together!

This was my first year to go every single day. I've always tried to avoid it since parking is a train wreck and it's typically like walking around on the surface of the sun. But this year, I had to be there every day for one thing or another. It was a great year at the River Fest! 

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