Tuesday, May 28, 2013

8-12 weeks

Okay I lied yesterday. There's a difference. 
Though I had just eaten some Applebee's pasta, so that could be to blame as well. 
Ignore the irritated look on my face. I hate getting my picture taken. Especially when it's to showcase how large my stomach has gotten. Not something I'm usually proud of, though in this case I've been told it's encouraged.

Here are a few of the conversations I can recall from the past few weeks that stand out:

Matt: Are you going to come with me?
Me: Is that going to require me to put on pants?
Matt: Yes.
Me: Then no.

[Walking around the grocery store]
Matt:What sounds good?
Me: Nothing.
Matt: Well let's just walk around and maybe something will spark your attention.
Me, seeing steak: This meat looks good, but doesn't sound good.
Matt, pauses, perplexed: ..Let's just eat something with cheese.

Me: Well, the God damn cat almost died this morning.
Matt: Why?
Me: Because I almost killed her.

Me, whining to Dexter: Dexter, LOVE me! Come sit with me!!
[he goes to sit with Matt]
Me: This is bullshit. I saved you from dying in the shelter. I'm going to take your ass back there if you're not careful.

Me: UGGGGHHHHHH. My head is going to EXPLODE.
Matt: Can I get you anything?
Me: Not unless you have a new head to offer.
Matt: I'll just go to sleep then.

These conversations may make me seem like a clingy, whiny, and all around bitchy person right now. 
And that's because I am.

It's the hormones, people. 
Don't judge me.


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning!! Sorry your pain is our enjoyment....ROFLMAO

  2. Ditto the above comment! I think you look adorable and it will get better! It IS the hormones and we are not judging!

  3. Sister, you look beautiful! All of this hormonal rage will be worth it in a few months!

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