Sunday, February 10, 2013

Workout Etiquette: a guide from me to you

I have a lot of pet peeves in life, but one of the biggest happens while I'm getting my workout on. This stems from an incident that happened to me last week while I was running errands on my bike
[bicycle, not motorcycle..I'm not that cool].

So it's nice outside, I'm not digging the thought of going on a run, and I decide to air up my bike tires & run errands while working out [kill two birds, right?] 

I took the back streets because our town has nothing in the way of sidewalks or bike lanes. There is a street in between that is two lanes, each way, and there are sidewalks, but they look something like this:

That's not a joke. 
They are literally impossible to ride your bike on. Consider it a suicide mission if you attempt it.
I took the alternative and rode on the street [there were two lanes, after all]. 
Next thing I know, I'm getting honked at from behind.

What. The. Shit.
I jumped approximately 12 feet off my bike. 
As he passed me, I looked to see if maybe it was someone I knew.
Just a jackass high school kid. He then proceeded to throw his arms up in the air at me. 
As if I'm riding my bike in the middle of the street, paying no attention at all to the world around me. 

At that point, I'm just plain confused.

Was he angry that I wasn't using the sidewalks?
If so, I would be pleased to inform him that it is actually illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk, though I typically try to since the general population in this town will literally run you over if you're riding on the road.
Is he jealous of my awesome bike?
Everyone is, don't be sad.
Does he want me to follow him home so he, too, can jump on his bike and we can exercise together?
Nuh uh. 

He was just being a prick. 
If I hadn't been so confused and startled, I would have flipped him the bird.
Unfortunately I couldn't get around to it in time. 

Moral of this story: People are dicks to runners, bikers, or walkers when they're outdoors.

Luckily, this isn't an issue at the gym; everyone's there for a common goal. 
But once you step out that door, you're immediately at risk of being treated like dirt because you're exercising. 
It's as if people think to themselves, God, what a show off! Go workout where I can't see you so I don't feel bad about myself!

Seriously, I truly believe that's what some people think. 
They would never admit it, but deep down, I think some people truly hate when others are taking the time to exercise. 
And you know what I want to say to them?
Screw. You. 

I get that it's super inconvenient for you to switch lanes in order to pass me. My heart breaks for you, truly.
Do it ANYWAY. 
Don't want me riding in the street? I couldn't give a rat's ass, dude. Get over yourself.

When it comes to running, I think it's 10 times easier than biking on roads. 
I try to run on roads as little as possible, but sometimes there just isn't a choice. 

Just remember, kids; when you're running on a road, make sure you're doing so against traffic, just in case someone is going to run you over. That way you can see it coming and attempt to jump out of the way. And if you can't get out of the way in time...I'm afraid you have a front row seat to your untimely demise. 

Let's hope that never happens.

What about you guys? Ever had an experience similar to mine when you're exercising outdoors?

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