Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Photo Show & Tell

Heyyyyy yo.
It's that time again.
Weekly photo show & tell
Small Things with Love

This week's theme is "Life."

Last weekend I did a shoot of my second family.
My little bro has been bff's with their oldest son since..well, forever.
Since then, our families have sort of just...meshed together to form one giant family.

Recently, they adopted the littlest girl above from Russia. Her name's Olga, but she has multiple nicknames [O, Oe, gorgeous, just to name a few]. Adopting from another country is a long and agonizing process, especially knowing that your little one is so far away and you can't do anything for her but pray.

There were multiple ups and downs throughout the process, some when they thought they weren't ever going to get her at all. It was an emotional roller coaster, but somehow, their amazing family got through it.

This family embodies the word "life." They live each day to the fullest, put their faith in God, and love each other unconditionally. That's exactly why I chose this picture. These kids [their son is missing from this picture] love little O like she's been their sister forever. She's one lucky girl to have been brought into their lives.

And that's that, kids. Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!


  1. This photo is beautiful on so many levels! Love the laughter and the coordinating colors.

  2. Oh ♥ Look how much fun they are having! Perfect!!!


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