Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New House

 Alright, so today we went to the new house to show Dad since he happened to be in town for work.
I took some pics, mainly for my own reference to think up paint/decorating ideas. 
And I figured...hey, let's show our blogging friends. 
[I'm speaking on behalf of me and my imaginary friend, apparently.]

11 days and counting.....

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 Kenz is going to help me pick out paint colors. I think mainly I'm going to go with a gray theme. In our room, I'm going to do a stark white with a light blue accent wall. 
It's going to be awesome.
Just wait.
I'll keep you updated with projects we've got going on [there's going to be a ton, no worries]. 
Hope you all enjoyed the tour of the new abode. I'm getting super-antsy to move!
If any of you would like to come help me paint, there will be free pizza and beer as a reward. 
Just sayin'. You're not gonna want to miss out. 

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