Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chop, snip, clip.

Last night was like a blast from the past.

I took Kenz to get her hair chopped off.
Now, this was not my idea.
She has had gorgeous hair.
But she was sick of it. Which is a predicament I have personal experience with.

....rewind [approximately] 16 years

 Scene: My Grandparent's house, a week away from the 'rents.
Characters: Grandma & I

Me: Gram, I want to get my hair cut.
[keep in mind that I had hair down to my butt & my mother was not fond of the idea of me cutting it off]
Grandma: Okay.

Chop, chop, CHOP.

End result: Bowl Cut.

Luckily, Kenz didn't end up with a bowl cut. 
I searched a bunch of pictures on the interwebs & found some cute styles for her to choose from.
I think she got nervous when the lady put her hair in a pony tail & was about to chop it off..
But it turned out super cute.
I think she looks older, which is just upsetting. She's growing up way too fast!
And yeah, I was the dork who brought her camera to document the event.
It's a big deal for a girl! Getting rid of all that hair that you've grown out for so long is quite the ordeal.
At least it was for me.

No updates on the house [unfortunately], but we're having an open house this week and the realtor tour is today. Hopefully something will spur from those two things.

Today is my sister and grandma's birthday!
So, I'm dedicating this post to them.
Sorry it's not more riveting.

Your gifts are in the mail, and in true Mallory fashion - they're late.
Don't act surprised, you know you're not.

Alright, I should probably do something with my life.
Stay excellent, kids.


  1. awww, it turned out so cute! And that poor girl, she looks like she was sooo nervous!

    1. Yeah she wouldn't admit it, but she was terrified!

  2. She looks adorable! and yes, it is STILL a big deal to get my hair cut!

    1. I know, me too! I cried one time last year because the lady cut WAY too much off, and it looked absolutely terrible. NOT cool!!


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