Monday, June 4, 2012

Fifty shades of [awesome]

My SIL was totally offended by the last title of "dull" because she thought I was referring to our awesome weekend festivities with her & her BF. That is, in fact, not the case. I thoroughly enjoyed playing disc multiple times & lounging around drinking beer. Just wanted to clear that up. ;) 

I wish I could say that this past weekend was filled with exciting and life-altering events.
Unfortunately, that simply wasn't the case.

Actually, strike that - it was incredibly fortunate.
Because I had nothing on my plate. 
It was wonderful.
Blissful, even.

The only semi-interesting part of my weekend was my mock photo shoot with Kenzie. 
I'm not sure 'mock' is even a great word for it, because we did just so happen to do a shoot..

Let's just say we were goofing around and a DSLR camera and 50mm 1.8 lens were involved.
Yeah, let's go with that.

A little sneak peak, if you will:
Well, it's not terribly sneaky if you're Facebook friends with me because I posted the pictures on Saturday. 
But oh well. 

We had a ball.
It took a hour minute to get her relaxed.
Even then, she was still pretty shy
[even though we've know each other a YEAR now! Can you believe it?]
so getting her to act goofy took an act of God.
Can't blame her, though.
Someone stickin' their camera in your face doesn't exactly scream "relaxing". I'd likely whack someone over the head with a stick if they pulled that maneuver.

Luckily I caught some good ones.

I wanted to practice because apparently I'm going to be doing my brother's senior pictures and perhaps a few more
[whoa, can we say EXCITING!?!]
so I need to hone in on the skills that I have acquired so far in my foto-taking journey.

I'll post my fav's on here when I get home; I forgot my SD card.
But if you're just absolutely dying to see them, you can visit my album here via the Facebook.

We played disc a lot this weekend, too. 
And I can officially [and proudly] say that I don't completely suck anymore!
Quite the step for me.

 Yesterday I did absofrigginlutely nothing.
I sat for nearly 8 hours straight,
only getting up to pee and grab random craft supplies for the projects I was working on in the basement.

And no, people, I didn't even go the extra mile and use my craft room that was a mere 10 feet away from the couch.
No, that would've been too much work.
I crafted
-on the couch-
all day.

And watched this incredibly attractive man in The Black Donnelley's

I watched the entire season in one day [for some reason NBC didn't renew after the first season].
Totally worth the 8 hours of laziness.

And last week I read the
50 Shades of Grey Trilogy.
To say that it was well written would be a complete lie. 
Apparently it started off as Twilight Fan Fiction
[What the hell is fan fiction? I know, I was thinking that too.]
and sprung into a freaking best-seller in a matter of weeks.

It's pretty raunchy, I'm going to warn you now.

So if you catch your under-the-age-of-18 daughter reading it,
I suggest you confiscate it immediately. 

But it sure does pull you in. I read the trilogy in 3 days.
That's gotta be some kind of record.

So that's it.
My week in a nutshell.

This weekend is going be super-sized awesome.
Colby's getting married
[um, how has it been a YEAR since she called me to tell me she's engaged?!]
and I'm taking Friday off to help decorate-slash-hang out with the Maxter, Megh & Ma.

And as of right now, I'm 3 days and an hour and 15 minutes closer to that moment.

Prepare yourself for a crap-ton of pictures coming your way.
It's gonna happen.

Until then, love from your
friendly neighborhood blogger

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