Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY: Everything

 Yesterday was a fantastic day in the CraftBaby business. 
 [yes, that's the name of my Etsy store, and yes, I did steal the idea from Bridesmaids]

Why, you may ask?
I sold seven tutus.
And guess which tutu style? 
Youuuuuu betcha!
The KU fans are coming out of the duct work. 
And, of course, everyone wants them before Saturday.
I stayed up until midnight last night making this one ^ for a lady who needed it by today. 

My tutu-making skills are improving more and more every day.
And I'm covered in blue glitter...

Addendum: I made these as well to go along with the tutus!
 SUPER easy tutorial to come on these bad boys^.

I also had to make a wreath that I sold on Etsy.

And then I started work on a wreath for my cousin. She wanted a Easter wreath, so my mom got me a bunch of stuff to add to it and I bought the eggs from HL (.50 cents a bag! Cheap!).
 Eggs are trickier than ornaments because of their oblique size. 
I got large & small size eggs, which was a good call on my part. There was a lot of gapping going on.
Other than that, it was super easy to make.
It's going to be sitting outdoors, so I'm in search of a sealer that will keep it weather-proof.
So...tonight's plan is to pick up Kenz after work, do some fraction practice with her, all the while putting together tutus.
I have 6 left to make.
BUT, the good news is that I sold them all on Salina Buy/Sell/Trade, so I don't have to pay anything for shipping! For the win.
 Super excited to see my sis and family this weekend.
Plus, Drew & I are going to see Jared in Title of Show on Friday night!
Apparently I'm not allowed to photograph there [lame] but I will get a ton of the baby shower and the craziness that will surely ensue in Lawrence on Saturday night. 

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  1. I can't wait for the tutorial on the bows! I haven't tried too many at all...well none at all honestly. They look wonderful!!!!


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