Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Bee

Hello Lovlies! 
And a very happy March to you all.

I had a very exciting past weekend/week.
Last Wednesday I had a minor surgery in Manhattan - 
outpatient, no bigs. But man-oh-man was I sore.
So I spent most of my days recuperating from that. And while I was lazing around, I did some crafts [of course]. 

Megh had bought these letters from I'm-not-sure-where and asked me to paint the baseball stripes on them like I had done with the bat I made. 
So I got that done.
 And then I got this idea off Pinterest to make a pacifier clip for Max 
And luckily I had KU ribbon to work with.
 I did it a little differently than the one in the tutorial but I wanted the Jayhawk to show on both sides.
 And I did a few more things, but as usual - they're gifts for people, so I'll post them as soon as I present them to their new owners. 

Saturday we headed to Lawrence for the KU game. 
We met Ma & Dad at Freestate before the game for dinner.
 Phil came too.
 I was messing a lot with camera settings and I had to travel quite a distance to get some close-up pictures of them practicing.
 And I have a FB album full of pics from the game that I will direct you to because it takes FOR-EV-ER to upload to blogger. You can find that here.
 We stayed at Phil & Claire's on Saturday night and Sunday we visited Target & Best Buy. Yes, we have a Target in Salina, but it doesn't come close to comparing to the awesomeness that is the Lawrence Target, I assure you. 

While at Target I used my birthday money to purchase a zoom lens for my camera. 
When they say "zoom" they don't mess around.
It's like CIA Spy material. 
I am going to zoom the crap out of some stuff. 

And then we purchased a TV at Best Buy. 
Because, you know, a 46 inch TV in our living room just wasn't manly enough for my dear hubby. 

We got a 55-inch LED that is about 1 inch thick [seriously, I could lift this thing on my own]. 
And to say that it didn't fit well in Matt's car would be the understatement of the year.

We had to move the seats so far up that I was required to drive because Matt couldn't fit behind the steering wheel. And I smacked my knee on the stinkin' door jam every time I got in or out. 
And Matthew was next to me getting fresh with the dashboard. [not by choice, believe me. that would be weird..]

I didn't feel bad for him. The TV was totally his idea.

After we spent a ridiculous amount of money on a TV we didn't really need, we headed to Rudy's on Mass. - a.k.a. the BEST pizza place in the history of the world.
 For those of you who have never had dinner at our house you probably don't know of Matt and I's love for garlic. I add it to everything.
Though you might have smelled it seeping from our pores when you're around us [I'm not sure if we actually smell like that, but Ma swears we do]. 
Anywho - Rudy's offers all sorts of yummy toppings - one of which includes whole cloves of garlic. 
That's right, my friends. 
Which may sound gross, but if you're a garlic lover, it's totally delish. 
And they offer wheat pizza crust too, which is a major bonus because I, myself, am a wheat lover. 

So, after that we headed home. First things first: Install ginormous TV in living room.
Taking down the old TV was tricky and I totally thought I might drop it. Luckily, we did not. 

Putting the TV on the mantel was a piece of cake. 

And I picked up Kenz and we hung out for the night. She liked playing on the iPad and we worked on some stuff for the baby shower this weekend. 

I am SO flippin' excited to show you all pictures of that because it's going to be
-wait for it -

Don't think that's possible with a baby shower?
Us Treese women do parties in style
That's just how we roll. 

So, with that said, I will update you all as soon as I can with the pictures of that
as well as pictures of my awesome bro who will be featured in Seaman High's production of Curtains this weekend. Prrrretty stoked to see that as well. 

Breakin' out the zoom lens, for sure.
And yesterday was my birthday.
After 21, it just goes downhill from there. 
 On a positive note, I am still closer to 20 than I am to 30, so I have that going for me.

I got ridiculous amounts of gifts.
Seriously, I am so spoiled.
And I got a TON of cards and lottery tickets that Kenz gladly scratched for me.
Bet you can't guess the theme of my gifts this year....
I also got a TON of HL gift cards (YAY!) which made me very happy.
And my gift to myself was the KU game and a trip to my favorite town.
Totally worth it!

Okay, so this is an extraordinarily long post.
Just one last thing...
the card my husband got for me.
If you know me, you know that I laughed hysterically at this. 
And at the Valentine's day one he got me..
Apparently he bought a whole pack of these from theoatmeal.com [one of my favorite sites]
so I can expect these for every holiday or life event.

Which is exactly why I love that man. 
We are equally weird.

Here's to a great and productive week!
Can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!

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