Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventures of the not-so-exciting married couple

Hello all! Apologies for the slacking in the blog department. The main reason for the non-communicado is due to the lack of anything interesting happening in our lives. 

So far, now, I have spent the last two weekends at home and this weekend will make 3. I go through periods where I'm in Toepka/KC/Maryville for multiple weekends in a row, then sometimes I have no reason to travel so I stay home.
It's nice to be able to stay home sometimes because otherwise the work at home tends to pile up. 
This past weekend I did a lot of cleaning and laundry, which sounds really boring, [it was] but necessary. I also went through my closet and took out all of the clothes that I have yet to wear this winter [I know - riveting, eh?].
Kenzie & I got some basketball in on Sunday & we dared to venture to Wally-world for groceries. 

Megh asked me if I had done any crafting, and to tell you the truth I have not done a lot. I made a tutu for a special little one that I will show you in a couple of weeks. But that's about it. I found a new project that I definitely am going to start on for Mr. Max [on Pinterest, of course]

I started one last night, but my sewing skills are less than impressive, so I'm going to need to work on that. I know it says "no-sew" but I have a great idea that I think would look really cool, if I could ever get it right.

I'm excited to start planning for Megh's baby shower. I've already got some good ideas and some help from some special people [you know who you are! :)] so it's going to be pretty legend-
wait for it - 

 For sure. 

Matt & I are great. His store is pretty much done in the renovation department [I promise I'll post pictures soon!] and sales have finally picked back up. As for me, I've tried to stay caught up on most of my work at the office, and things seem to go a lot smoother when I do that [who knew?].
On the home front, Matt & I are facing some challenges in the health department, but it's kind of personal so I'm not going to go into it. 
All I can say is that without my insanely amazing family and friends, I would be going crazy.
Seriously, like institutionalized.
Working out helps a TON, too, so I've been trying to keep up with that [11-day streak so far..what, what?!] to take my mind off of everything.

As far as the fostering goes, that's on hold for the time being. After some serious thought, we decided not to make a decision right now with everything that's going on in our lives. Too much to think about.

So, anyway, to keep this light, I'm going to end that there. I'm hoping that the KU game tonight has a better outcome than this past Saturday. I hate being pissed off for the entire weekend. 
Here are some projects I'm considering doing this weekend [if I actually get around to it].

And probably another KU tutu, perhaps a K-State one, and I might get around to my KU collage [finally]. 

That's all I have to report. I'll try to take some pictures this weekend - I know I've been lacking in that department!!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week!
It's halfway over. :)


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