Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY: V-day wreath

Good morning, beautiful people.

Last night I wasn't feeling so hot, so I skipped my workout [lame] and crafted instead.
I have had these supplies for a while, waiting around for a time when I might actually craft with them.
There are a lot of really cute wreaths on pinterest for V-day, but I started off with a simple one. I've never made a yarn wreath before so I wasn't sure how hard or easy it would be.
 Turns out it was pretty easy.
 It took me a whopping 45 minutes [start to finish] to make this cutesy decoration.
 I had the "Love" piece from a Christmas tree we got from Festival of Trees a few years ago. The tree has since been put in the trash due to deterioration, but I saved a few of the ornaments before the guys trashed it.
Easy peesy.
HL has their tulle 50% off, so I'm going to go scour the shelves for some purple & white [ugh] and red, if they actually have it this time.
And I have a 40% off coupon on a single item, so I'm going to look for some valentine-y stuff to hang in the house. 
Even though I'm not a fan of this holiday, I can still decorate, right? :) 

I'd like to end this blog on a beastly note, so here you are.

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