Friday, December 2, 2011

Road Rage

Today, while driving to work, I had to use the car horn.
I rarely pull out those guns, but today, it was necessary.


Because apparently the idiots were running amok on the road today. 

I got stuck behind two cars, side by side, both going exactly 2 miles under the speed limit, perfectly in-sync so that I couldn't get around either of them.

I was already running late to work. 

And I get cut off by a lady turning left across traffic, the slowest turn I'm pretty sure anyone has ever made in the history of man.
At that point, I was so over the 10-minute commute to work.
So I honked.
A lot.
At this lady who probably wouldn't have irritated me so much had it not been morning time. 
But the thing about my car horn...well, to say it's wimpy would be an understatement.

You know how some car horns are so loud, you practically hear the car yelling 

Yeah, well mine doesn't do that.

My car horn sounds polite. It's a pathetic little "bee-beep" that sounds more like my car saying [in a child's voice] "Excuse me ma'am, that wasn't very nice."
Not terribly effective at getting the point across that I was very unhappy with her decision.


The good news is, the rest of my day has not followed that trend. It's been quiet here at the office & it's FRIDAY! So I can't help but be in a good mood. 

4 minutes left.....

Possible projects to work on this weekend: 
Update to follow

Happy Friday! 

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