Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Average Life

^My office assistant has a bad habit of jumping on everyone that walks in the door. Apparently he thinks that was in his job description when he was hired, however; he is incorrect.
It's become a running joke that I yell 'Dexter!' about 80 times a day. 
Once for each time he does something he shouldn't.
Mainly jumping on people, but he does tend to eat carpet, chew the bottom of the rolly chairs, and knock over Jefferey the office Giraffe. (We're pet people)

His uniform just came in today and I think he was pretty ecstatic to put it on. 

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was.

So I'm still working on my Christmas cards. And by working on them, I mean that the artwork is done and I am currently in the printing stage. By that I mean I am completely ignoring the fact that they need printed.
You'll be lucky to find one in the mail by the end of the year.
Consider yourself warned.

Christmas gifts I bought online are coming in slowly.
Like one-by-one type of slow. 
I ordered about 12 things from Kohl's and so far they have each come separately.
I couldn't care less because shipping was free, but you wouldn't think that is the most efficient way to ship to customers. 
Perhaps they should have ran that by me first.

Since stuff has actually been coming in, I have started wrapping gifts. [one-by-one, of course]
Therefore, the bottom of the tree is no longer lonely.
As it turns out, the bottom of the tree is Maggie's favorite place to sleep, sit, and generally be lazy.
Not anymore.
This upset Matt, of course. 
So I had to move packages around so the GD cat could sleep under there.

I had another upsetting experience this morning on my way to work. I won't go into it because it raises my blood pressure just talking about it. Just know, if you heard someone screaming not so kind words in the distance, chances are it was me.
 This weekend was uneventful. Saturday I was lazy and slept in until 11. I managed to finally get my butt to the gym & then came home and did crafts. Again, I cannot share these with you as most of them are gifts, but I will tell you that they are awesome. 
Then there was the KU game. Ugh. Talk about a disgusting performance. I can't talk about it right now.

And Sunday was the BBBS Christmas Party. Kenz & I had a ball and we got our pictures with Santa & by ourselves. I will post when we get those.

 I have nothing exciting to report. I gather you've figured that out by now.
If you made it this far in the post, bravo. 
Mad props for listening to my horribly ordinary stories.

Super excited to see my fam. this weekend for the Electricomm Christmas party! 
In the meantime - some DIY love.
 Crayon melting^
 ^keeps your headphones protected AND looks awesome!
^you've seen this, but it was worth putting up twice. 
^and a random picture of Buzz Lightyear.
You're welcome.

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