Monday, November 14, 2011

you know, the talkies

i've watched a lot of movies lately. 
some - on the plane to florida [to ease the thoughts of the plane going down any second]
some - because i was bored
and some - simply because i wanted to see them

regardless of the reasons
there have been some good
some bad
and some...meh

these reviews? they're mostly good.

First up: 
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
i think by now you all know how i feel about conan.
conan, to me, is the god of comedy.
i only started watching him after the whole leno-nbc fiasco, because i thought it was a load.
plus i was just curious.
[and let me clear this up: i wasn't a fan of late-night talk tv until conan]
we were in nyc at the time of the first show on tbs and i fell in love with that man's witty
jokes so fast that i felt a little dizzy.
i've been an avid team coco member ever since.

so when this movie came out and the only showing closest to me was like..milwaukee or something, you can imagine my dismay.

and then finally - FINALLY - it came out on video

i could view it.
my love grew deeper, people.
[starting to sound a little creepy, i realize]
but it showed the true side of a celebrity that i'm sure none of us have ever seen.
he was cranky, and happy, and funny, and...well, he [playfully] hits his crew a lot.
 but that's what made it so awesome - that you felt like you knew the real conan.
so, moral of the story: 
watch this one. if you need a copy, let me know and i will let you borrow it.

Up Next: 
Crazy Stupid Love
never mind the ridiculously awesome cast
[emphasis on awesome]
in this movie you will find a great story within a chick-flick
[a trait uncommon in this genre],
so much that your hubby or significant other might actually enjoy it. 
[and by might, i mean will - i mean, come on; emma stone AND julianne moore? gimme a break]
 it manages to make you sad, happy, and give you that pit-of-the-stomach cramp
due to laughter all at the same time.

it's a great story, great ending, and great conflict in-between.
must. watch.

 and finally - 
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2
 this one was bittersweet for me [and every other fan in America].
i saw it in theaters, but wanted to watch it again in the comfort of my own home 
[where i won't be judged for tearing up]
and it was better than the first time i saw it.
not better than the book-
[they never are]
but, brilliant, none-the-less.

so i must say; if you're a HP fan, you must watch this.
of course, if you're a true harry potter fan, i don't have to tell you that
odds are you've already seen it once [or twice, or thrice..]

and if you're not a HP fan,
1) shame on you
2) SEE IT.

it doesn't hurt to watch the preceding shows, either.
in fact, i encourage it.
i am amazed - no, stunned - at how far the movies have come since The Sorcerer's Stone.
not only have the graphics, effects, tone, [not to mention budget] grown,
 but the actors, too.
abc family was showing 1-5 this weekend [i'm guessing in honor of Hallows p.2 release]
i watched the sorcerer's stone, chamber of secrets, and prisoner of azkaban.
i was astounded at how young the kids were, their voices unchanged, their acting was...well, not good, and they were so awkward [as we all are at that age].

watching the final movie gave me the willies because i just couldn't believe that it would be over.
 but, i must move on [i suppose],
knowing that i still have the books to read if i ever want a good dose of awesome.

upcoming releases to look for:
 water for elephants
[already out, just haven't watched yet]
larry crowne
Nov. 15th

the art of getting by
nov. 29th

friends with benefits
dec. 2nd

one day
nov. 29th

our idiot brother
nov. 29th

the help
dec. 6th


  1. I absolutely adored Crazy Stupid Love. It's my favorite comedy of the year so far. :)

    Both One Day and The Help look great. However, I think that you should read One Day first. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard it wasn't very good and I don't think you should spoil this beautiful story. The book is SO GOOD. :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely read it first!!

  3. Mal, Alex and I watched the Conan movie over the summer and absolutely LOVED it! Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the movie The Help was because the book is awesome. I think they did a great job following the book. Hope all is well! :)


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