Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY: Halloween Wreath

Well, people, it's official: I am now a DIY'er. 
I'm no expert. 
In fact, I'm not even great at it [yet]. 
The Halloween Wreath.

Supplies used:
Spray Glitter [wal-mart]
tree-branch wreath [hobby lobby]
various halloween decor [hobby lobby- 40% off!]

ribbon [hobby lobby]
wire cutters, scissors, glue gun
Step One: Spray the crap out of the tree-branch wreath with spray glitter. 
Tip: do this outside. That stuff stinks.
I also used the wire cutter to trim stray branches. 
Next, glue the "Boo" sign to the top of the wreath. I did this one at the top because it already had ribbon attached for hanging. I had to trim away a branch because it wouldn't lay flat, but that didn't matter since the sign covered it up anyway.
I started off using this super heavy-duty "permanent" glue, but it said "let dry for 24-72 hours". I don't have that kind of patience, people. So I resorted to the glue gun. 
Harry Potter books: not only great for reading, but since they are so ridiculously large, they are great for holding glue down.
I proceeded to glue it down in every spot I could find. Since it is going to be the main support for hanging, I figured it needed to be glued down pretty tight.
Next I took the wire cutters & cut the sticks off the end of the Halloween decor. This was trickier than I had originally thought.
Finding a place to glue the "creepy" & "eek" was a task all in itself. They don't have much give, so I had to find a couple of spots on the wreath that were somewhat flat in order for the glue to stick.
Next I glued on the glittery balls randomly. Basically where there was a giant heap of glue [which was a lot of places], I glued on a ball to hide it. The colors were perfect & matched the other decorations really well. And they were only like $2 bucks at HL!
In the midst of all of this, I started to put the spider webs randomly [I have the attention span of a squirrel].
I do not recommend this.
Because when I wanted to glue things, my glue gun kept getting stuck in spider web. 

That stuff is a pain in my rear end.
But I think it added a little "spooky". 
I didn't think I would use the spiders, but I thought they went well with the spooky theme.

Next I was planning on tying a whole bunch of ribbons everywhere.
But then I decided I didn't like that.
Good thing I bought 3 ribbon spools.
I left a few of the orange ones on there in some random spots because orange is a staple Halloween color and I didn't think there was enough of it incorporated.
Then - A little more spider web.
And some curly-cues. I wrapped these around my middle finger to curl them & that worked perfectly.
I glued some ribbon together to put underneath the black fuzzy clip [I think it's meant to be a hair clip, but oh well].
Next I decided to tackle the "hanger" part of it. I didn't like the ribbon that was on the "boo" sign, so I took that off and replaced it with the fuzzy-wire.
Turns out I hated that.
So I replaced it with some pink ribbon. 
[hint: use a lighter to burn the ends of the ribbon so it won't fringe]
I won't lie - it was pretty tricky trying to get the ribbon through that tiny hole, but somehow I managed.
Then I was finished!

When I woke up this morning and attempted to pick up the disaster that was my kitchen, I was scrounging around and realized I had forgot one of the pieces!
The little pumpkin was my favorite piece, too! It worked out perfectly because I thought that the fuzzy black clip was kind of..well, random. It needed something more.
The pumpkin gave it that extra awesome.

After changing my mind a hundred times and doing things completely out of order, I am finally happy!

 And that, my friends, is how you make a crazy-ass Halloween wreath.
I will be hanging this indoors because 
a] the amount of time I have invested in it.
b] I will cry if the thing falls when a gust of wind catches it.

Hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a DIY project.
I did!

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  1. You're a freakin' Martha Stewart! So cute, I'll have to whip one year. Love it!


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