Friday, September 16, 2011

Rock Chalk ~

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Despite the fact that it is cloudy outside, I am still managing to get into the "fall" mood.

Hence the blog makeover.

Well it's been a quiet last couple of weeks.

We've done some tailgating -

And some Free-Stating -

We Jamboree'd -

And we had a fantastic time doing it.

This weekend we have nothing planned. I'm going to try out a yoga class at the Y on Saturday (wish me luck on that!) and then most likely go home and clean. 

After all is said and done this weekend hopefully I will have gotten a lot of sleep & my cold will be completely gone. (Because as much as I enjoy sounding like a man, I'm ready for it to be out of my system)

I hope you all have a swell weekend!


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