Thursday, April 14, 2011

Date Night

Matt & I went on date night last night. 
No, it wasn't as cool or exciting as the Fosters'.
But it was fun. 
First we took a daring adventure to Old Navy.
Matt needed new khaki's for work. [GASP!]

Next? Dinner.
I will give $100 dollars to who guesses correctly where we went. 
Nevermind, that's too easy.
Martinelli's, of course! 
The BEST restaurant in Salina, hands down.

We discussed the [not-so] exciting things happening in our lives & random things. 
Matt got in trouble for being on his phone during our date.
And I oogled over the adorable baby that was sitting at the table next to us. 

Then we went to ghetto-Dillon's to rent Love & Other Drugs from the RedBox.
This is where it gets interesting.

An SUV full of dudes & a toddler pulls into the parking lot after us and proceeds to a spot all the way across the lot. Driver gets out of the car, walks to a nearby yard and pees. 

"This is what we get for coming to this Dillon's." Matt says.

We get our movie and high-tail it out of there. Meanwhile, the SUV is trying to get out of the parking lot. 
"Hurry up, Matty, we're going to get shot." I say, out of fear for my life.

Thankfully we made it out unscathed. 

The movie was pretty awesome. Definitely not one to show the kids, but since we don't have kids it worked out.

And that, my friends, is just one of the many exciting accounts of the Rempp household. 

See you all tomorrow.

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