Friday, March 18, 2011


Check out Mr. McRunner.

I would gladly call myself a "McRunner" but that would be giving this dude a bad name. After all, his time on a mile is 6 minutes (compared to my 10 - and that's on a good day), which is impressive to say the least. Perhaps I will call myself a "McJogger". That sounds less daunting, anyway.

I do qualify, however, because I eat McDonald's daily; if not twice a day.

Because that's how I roll.


My bracket isn't looking too hot right now, but I'm just guessing that I'm not alone in that department.

The donation front for the MS walk is not looking to great for me, either. I kind of slacked with e-mails this year, but I'm getting them out as soon as possible.

Plans for tonight?
Speakeasy for the game.
Have a spectacular afternoon & evening.



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  1. yea...I haven't started on donations yet either. But I'm on spring break now so I can.


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