Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Weekend Gone

I am not quite sure where the heck these weekends are going. To me, Friday rolls around and I'm already dreading the weekend being over.

Megh & Adam came down this weekend. As always, it was a total blast; much more entertaining than our usual sit-at-home-and-watch-crappy-TV type of weekends [and by crappy TV, I'm referring to the lifetime movies I often make Matt sit through.]

I've been busy at work and at home. I find that trying to keep this big house clean is no easy feat; especially when I ignore the cleaning completely. It's funny how that works..

My boys have been doing well on the basketball front [knock on wood]. Watching games has been much less painful, thankfully. As we were watching the game yesterday, I stupidly blurted out 'I'm bored'. To which Matt replied 'What kind of game would you ever be satisfied with?'
Touche, my dear. Touche.

In case I didn't tell anyone who's reading this; I'm running in the Lawrence Half marathon in April. It just so happens to be the day after the MS walk, so I can just head to Lawrence on Saturday night and stay with my friends there. I'm looking forward to finally running in a half. Which is weird. To each her own.

So yesterday, Megh and I decided to make a list of the hottest NCAA men's basketball coaches. This list happens to be on Matt's computer and I am currently blogging in bed, so I am too lazy to get up and get it. I can, however, tell you who the number one is.
You will not be disappointed.
Told 'ya.
If you are disappointed than you are either 1) a dude, 2) a lady who likes other ladies, or 3) crazy.

Just sayin'.

Promise to update you with the rest of the list later this week.

Tomorrow is a big game; KU vs. K-State [our apparent rival?] so tune in to see some awesome basketball action.

In the meantime, stay classy, Bloggers.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk,


  1. Um you need to make a full entry on our picks! Fun game tonight, full of much misery like Valentine's day usually is. Thanks again for having us down. Awesome as always! Love ya sis.

  2. Love your update...Poor Matt on Lifetime refuses! Our game unfortunately did not turn out how we wanted but hopefully our young men will pull their heads out of their a**** and this will be a learning experience! Also on the coach...very nice!


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