Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living in Class

I'm a little late, but as promised - here are some pics of our new hacienda.

Kitchen/dining area ^

Basement walk-out^

Built-in desk in basement^

Living room in basement^

Laundry Room^
Hallway to guest rooms^

Master Bath^

Master Bedroom^

Dining Area^

Living Room^

Living Room^

and now -
the current state of our house..

yes, in case you were suspecting it; a tornado did come through our home.
and it showed no mercy.

my wonderful parents drove here yesterday and helped us get more of the big stuff out of the house. friday night, doug & matt packed as much stuff into the moving van as possible and unloaded it.

and now we're down to the absolute bare minimum.

we're set to close on the new house on wednesday, and we're hoping that it actually goes through. we're still waiting on word from the appraiser, but hopefully it's going to still happen.

not knowing is annoying, especially when you're waiting on word regarding where you will be living, but there's not much we can do about it.

so, keep your fingers crossed.

on a much lighter & less frustrating note - my boys pulled off a heck of a win last night! it was a little too close at some points, but they pulled it off in the end!

work is going well..i've been a tad distracted with the house closing and packing, but that's almost over - thankfully. matt's store has been doing really well & keeping busy with travelers during the holiday season.

other than alllll of that, i don't have much to report! life has been crazy, but in a very good way. we're really fortunate to have such helpful families & great friends to help us out during this whole experience. thanks to everyone who's helped out!

have a fabulous & relaxing sunday-
mal & matt


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