Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh, Friday....

well, today was just fabulous.

it started off slow, and really only went downhill from there.
i think it just felt slow because i was driving around central kansas. can you really blame me?

anyway, i promise this won't be a negative-nancy post. because today was really, actually, spendidly wonderful.

true story.

and here's why:

1) it's friday. dur.
2) i met some truly kind people.
3) i got 2 referrals!!! both from places i had been recently. awesome.
4) did i mention that it's friday?

so tomorrow i get to sleep in, and then go workout...and then clean my house.
and hopefully, from there: solve world hunger, end all wars, banish domestic violence, && magically make all idiots capable of having children - who really shouldn't have them at all - infertile.
all in a day's work.

until then - it's beer thirty.

toodles ~

mal & matt

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  1. Congrat's on another 2 referal's! Awesome job!


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