Friday, September 3, 2010

Going Green

Hellllllo, all. In case you weren't up on the day of the week - it's Friday.

Last night was the Ribbon Cutting - slash - Open House at Angels Care. [i.e. my new place of biz-nas]
We had a great turnout & even better..a bunch of people who were excited about us opening up.

My board that I will take to fairs, plus some pretty flowers from Tammie's Mom.
The Smoky Hill Winery Basket I made...minus the wine.
There's some fun-ruining going on here.

Tammie, Donnie, Veronica & Me. Missing from the picture is Jayme & Pam.

| In Other News |

I have acquired a new vehicle. It turns out that Acuras are not ideal for marketers. My car tended to get about 16-18 mpg in the city, and 23 on average.
Since most of what I am doing is driving, we figured it would be worth our while to get me a more fuel-efficient means of transportation.

We succeeded in doing so, because driving around this morning I was averaging 45.5 mpg city.
Green is good, people. Green is goooood.

It's a Honda Insight [hybrid]. Basically the Prius of Honda. Except better.
Because it's not a Toyota.

You can Google it for more pics, but basically it's awesome.
Matty drove to Dallas to get it from a Dealer there. The name of the "dealership" is Motorphilia.
The quotes around "dealership" were because it wasn't really a dealership.
Mostly because you didn't want to kill yourself by the end of the transaction.

The dude that sold us the car was pretty much awesome. Matt had nothing but good things to say about him.

Here's how it went down.

The car was up for sale on eBay. We put a watch on it there, but didn't bid. In the middle of the auction, I e-mailed him to see what he would take for a trade on Matt's car.
He told me $13k, which is $1k-$500 above what Edmund's had it at for trade-in. [1 awesome-point]

When the auction ended, I called him to see if we could buy the car for $17k [wholesale].
He accepted. [5 awesome-points]

Initial arrangements were made regarding vehicle exchange, moo-lah details, & when the deal would go down. All of this happened in a matter of 24 hours. [1 awesome-point]

Matt talked to him Tuesday night [the day before he was leaving] to get final details. He explains to Matt that he was going to Dallas for a auto-auction Thursday and that he would just bring the car to him [therefore shaving approx. 6 hours off his drive]. AND that he would put him up in a hotel for his trouble. [5 awesome-points]

At this point we're thinking...this guy is way too good to be true.

Matt gets there & nothing shady goes down. His room is reserved [and paid for], and to the best of his knowledge, dude was on his way there with the car.

When he finally meets these people, apparently they were the epitome of awesome. Matt is still telling me stories of what his girlfriend was saying, and of how cool they both were.
The car was in great shape.
And he commented that it felt like "driving a race car" when he took Matt's car for a drive. [at this point, I'm 99% positive Matt was second-guessing his decision to trade his in and not mine]
The deal goes down, moo-lah details are taken care of, and the cars are exchanged-all without a hitch. [5 awesome-points]

THEN, dude
[his name is Aaron, by the way. I just like calling him 'dude', 'cuz he kind of sounds like the 'dude' type.]
takes Matt to iHop because it's 11:30 at night, he's been driving for 7 hours, and he got up at 3am for Month-end. [10 awesome-points]

oh, and did I mention that my husband rocks?

So, that's 27 awesome-points. My scale is 1-10. Dude did pretty well.

The car runs great, looks a little goofy [but it's got style], and gets stupid-good gas mileage.

I'm happy. Matt's happy. We're all happy.

Tonight, I am going to relax. It's been a long week of open house-planning & cold-calling & not a lot of sleep.
The price you pay for an awesome job.

I don't think I have anything else to report.

I miss my family so I will be going home soon to get my fill of family time.
Until then -


-mal & matt

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