Monday, September 20, 2010

Survive Monday. [Check]

I can confidently say that training went swimmingly.

The day we were leaving, all hell broke loose.

I was suddenly awoken by a screaming in my ear at 5am.
By the fire alarm, that is.

Who wants to know the number one way to irritate Mallory in the morning?

Pull the fire alarm.

Well, that and just waking me up in general.

Annnywho...after 30 minutes, and getting back into bed for the remaining half hour I had, I got up, got dressed & hauled my cranky-butt downstairs. Via the stairs - with my 100-pound suitcase [why in the world did I need 10 outfits, 4 pairs of shoes, and an innumerable amount of socks for 4 days in Dallas? Don't tire yourself with these questions as I did. It's exhausting.]

The day started out with more Powerpoints, more cookies, and a Red Bull [thank you, Lord].

By the end of our half-day session, we had squeezed more into a day than I could have ever imagined.
Alas, my presentation.

I bombed. I sort of practiced, and thought about practicing more, but in the end decided that I was beating a dead horse. Sometimes, you just have to let it flow.

And so I did.
Turns out I didn't suck as bad as I thought.
I got voted best presentation, though I'm not sure I deserved it; I think everyone was just too tired to care! But, I got a fancy pen box set & business card holder out of the deal, so I can't complain.

Tammie & I were glad to come home.
We were void of any energy, despite having sat for 32 hours that week.

And then - I had one more thing to look forward to: SISTER TIME!

That's right, people. My awesome sister visited me in this [sort of] beautiful town.

I have no photographic evidence of this visit, only the fond memories of nap-time, Easy A, PHLB, and Lutheran Church services [which in turn brought back memories of making each other chuckle in church which often led to paddle-threatening].

I was sad to see her go, as always, and reminded that reality was now in session at 7am this morning.

As for tomorrow:

The Senior Fair
Bicentennial Center

Be there or be square.

No Rock Chalk this week.
Instead, it's a High-Five to the CHIEFS.



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