Friday, July 9, 2010


Goooooood morning, beautiful people.

I don't have much to update you on because, well...there's not really much happening in our lives at the moment.

Fourth of July weekend was kind of a bummer; it rained - no, wait - POURED the entire weekend.
But we still had a great time with Doug & Jo. Jo cooked a delish dinner on Sunday. Saturday night we went over there & played some wii while eating pizza; a combo that cannot be anything but fabulous.

I dragged Matt to see Eclipse with me last Thursday. Well, more like, I told him I was going and he felt bad that I was going by myself, so he came too. Regardless, it was AMAZING. The special effects were so much better than the first two movies, not to mention, they somehow manage to keep making the actors all look more attractive than before. I'm not sure how that's possible...
Anyway, it was epic when Jacob walked onto the screen for the first time without a shirt on, all the girls screamed and Matt goes "Oh good Lord..." I laughed a little.

So I'm headed to Topeka tonight to see my mommy & poppi (and sis & Drew, of course!). I'm looking very much forward to just hanging out at the house tonight with them! It seems every time I've been down there in the past months it's been because we've had something on the agenda. So I'm looking forward to an evening of relaxing with them.

Tommmmmmmorrow is Schlitterbahn! I'm STOKED! I am armed with a waterproof camera, 2 disposable cameras (so that I don't have to replace another digital camera, of course. Better safe than sorry!), water, capri sun, sandwiches & grapes. It's going to be a spectacular day. Can't wait!

And then tomorrow night, hopefully some catching up with Cole in T-town. Yay!

Anywho, I should go get some stuff done. I hope you all have a great day!!

RoCk ChAlK,

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  1. Sister, I refuse to watch Remember Me, its not good when the surprise ending is death. I'm really excited to see you! Whoop, whoop!


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