Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Movie Reviewzzzzz

Hello All.
Summertime is a time for movies; Matt can only stand to watch so many re-runs of Friends. (I, personally, could watch the same episodes over and over..)
Here are some of the ones we've seen recently:

Shutter Island
B-; Partly because I don't like suspense thrillers that make your butt pucker. It's too much stress. And also because it was just plain creepy. Though the ending was brilliant, so that's what brought it back up to the B range. Leo was a hunk in it as well - always a plus. A one-time watch; rent (preferably from RedBox since it's just a buck).

She's Out Of My League
A+; It was freaking hilarious. A true knee-slapper. There were some parts where I had to cover my eyes from the pure awkwardness, but those moments made it that much funnier. Jay Baruchel was the epitome of a nerd, as usual. Great story, but not terribly corny. Must-see. Own.

The Bounty Hunter
B; No romantic/action comedy should be 2.5 hours long. That's just not okay. However, it was really funny & I just love Jennifer Aniston, so that pushed it up in the ratings a little bit. I'm not a fan of Gerard Butler, but he did a good job in this one. As good as a burly, scruffy lookin' dude could do in a romantic comedy, anyway. Rent, not own.

The Runaways
D+; I was torn on this one, because the idea was great, but the ending product? Eh, not so much. I had high hopes for this flick, but it kind of let me down. Luckily it let me down easily because it was relatively short (unlike the aforementioned Bounty Hunter). There was a little too much sex & drugs for my taste. Quite frankly, it was a little uncomfortable at parts. Which is a weird feeling when you're watching a movie with your husband in the comfort of your own home. All in all, a decent story & I was way impressed with Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fannings' acting; way beyond what I thought they could do. Rent: maybe by Redbox. But only because it's just a buck.


  1. I haven't seen Shutter Island yet, but I'm still kind of curious about it. I've heard very similar things to what you said. Alex and I have been wanting to watch She's Out of My League, so I'm glad you liked it! And I agree about Bounty Hunter. I haven't seen it, but really 2.5 hours!? That seems a bit much lol

  2. Oh yeah you guys should definitely watch she's out of my league..hilarious!!!


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