Friday, June 4, 2010


We don't watch movies often, unfortunately, but since most of our shows are done for the season, I've been forcing Matt to watch quite a few chick flicks.

I'm not even sorry.


Only because most of the movies we've watched have been really good.

So here's the low-down:

Alice in Wonderland:
Fantastic. A-. Only because it was a little weird and I was finding it difficult to not compare it to the animated version I knew as a kid. Johnny Depp was brilliant, as usual, & the blond gal who played Alice was fantastic as well. I think Tim Burton did a really great job on this one.

Valentine's Day:
Hilarious! A. The cast was phenomenal. It must have cost them a fortune to hire out all of those big name actors, but it paid off because this movie was great. And I never thought I would compliment Taylor Swift on her acting skills, but she was flippin' hilarious!! She had me cracking up!! And I really enjoyed the anti-Valentine's day feel it had, despite the movie being called "Valentine's Day". Definitely made it much better.

Leap Year:
Okay, so judge me all you want, but I LOVED this movie. A+.
Maybe it's the oober-attractive Irish gentleman on the poster, or Amy Adam's pure awesomeness that got to me, but this movie was my favorite of all the ones we've watched this week. It had a really great story; sort of a love-hate thing going on. It was set in Ireland, which was gorgeous scenery, and I expected it to be way more cliche than it was. I recommend this one.
Dear John:
Meh. B+.
It was a really great movie, but kind of a downer, as most Nicholas Sparks movies tend to be. At least this one wasn't centered around a terminal illness. Wait, I take that back. There was illness in this, just not at the center of the story.
Anyway, it had a great storyline and was super romantic, but I just wasn't too whoopee over it. The ending made it even worse. It wasn't depressing or anything, just nothing to write home about it. I definitely recommend it, but don't expect to be giggling & feeling uppity after wards.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to KC for the Royal's game with the fam! I'm SUPER excited to see everyone!! I'm just sad Grammy & Grampy won't be there! :-( Don't worry, guys, I'll take lots of pictures and put them on here for you!!

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!!

Peace out



  1. Oh my sister, I'm glad you made Matty suffer through all those and not me! Ha, I kid...kind of...Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. I definitely agree with your comments about Dear John. Certainly not my fave of his books that have turned into movies.


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