Monday, February 15, 2010

Healthy Heart

Just left the Cardiologist with a follow-up appointment to my event monitor. She said out of the 2 events I recorded only one showed something with an abnormal rhythm and even then, that it wasn't anything to worry about. She said that for now, I should just be on the lookout for anything unusual and if I'm worried to just call and schedule an appointment. Other than that she said everything looked great, and I got the all-clear for my dental surgery (which I'm not all that thrilled about) and for living life normally. Hooray! I'm so excited that she doesn't want me to get that surgery and that my heart is only a little 'special'. that's my good news for the day. If you can't tell, I'm a little excited about it.

Matt & I had a very lazy, but relaxing, Valentine's Day. We watched girly movies all day (which Matt was really excited about) and I actually made it to the Y to work out. We were also very nosy neighbors and went to the Open house that was across the street from us. I started my scrapbook for the wedding and I must say, I am terrible at scrap booking. But I don't really mind because I'm the only one who will really be looking at it all that often. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and is having a wonderful Monday. Can't wait to see everyone this weekend!!

Don't forget to tune into the KU vs. Texas A&M tonight at 8.

Rock Chalk,


  1. I'm SO glad that your tests all came back looking good! Very good news! Sounds like a nice, relaxing Valentine's Day for sure. I want to see this scrapbook...I want to start doing that as soon as school slows down but I just have this feeling that my lack of creative-ness will show! haha. Hope you have a wonderful week. Love and miss ya!

  2. My heart's happy for your heart <3

  3. Congrats on having a health heart!! :) In reference to your scrapbooking, i'm right there with ya! I have a scrapbook my mom gave me right after our cruise for me to scrapbook the trip and any other travel adventures of mine. Well its been about 5 years now since then, and that book it still empty lol. Plus, my complete lack of creativeness makes it pretty much impossible for me to accomplish anything involving scrapbooking lol. Good luck! Loves!

  4. Sister, remember I am NEVER too busy for you! Happy Healthy Heart! Love ya.


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