Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF, Folks

Alright, it's Friday. I had a previously awesome weekend with a fantastic bridal shower Hosted by my Sister and Mother. They did a glorious job making everyone feel welcome and happy to be there. I'm just glad I have such an organized bridesmaid & mother! And my other bridesmaids, and Bethy were a wonderful help, as well, so thanks for all your help ladies!!

This week has been pretty darn good. The Weather's been beautiful (except for the allergies that come along with it), and we've been able to keep our air turned off for the most part. My allergies have been a pain in the butt, so I told Matt we had to keep the windows closed in order for me to survive to the wedding.

Today, I am heading to Topeka to get my wedding dress altered and watch drew play in the band for their first home football game! I'm pretty excited to see him in the big bad Vikings band!!

I am currently looking at a trading my car in for a bigger model. Hopefully I can find one that suits me and that is affordable with low mileage. I'm sensing that we might be looking for quite some time...

I sincerely hope that everyone has a spectacular weekend!

Rock Chalk,

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