Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Post

My 10 FAVORITE Movies and the best quote from them:
(Which is clearly better than Megh's)

10. Twilight - "You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. "

9. Into The Wild - "What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?"

8. Pineapple Express - "You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, Mo-fo!"

7. Role Models - "It's not a cow. It's a minotaur. It's a creature of myth. And he got this one out of your mom's closet."

6. Garden State - "You'll see one day when you move out it just sort of happens one day and it's gone. You feel like you can never get it back. It's like you feel homesick for a place that doesn't even exist. Maybe it's like this rite of passage, you know. You won't ever have this feeling again until you create a new idea of home for yourself, you know, for your kids, for the family you start, it's like a cycle or something. I don't know, but I miss the idea of it, you know. Maybe that's all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place. "

5. Tommy Boy - "It's called reading! Top to bottom, left to right... a group of words together is called a sentence. Take Tylenol for any headaches... Midol for any cramps. "

4. Dumb & Dumber - "We got no food, no jobs... our PET'S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"

3. 10 things I Hate About You - "I'm down, I've got the 411, and you are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy, I don't care how dope his ride is. My momma didn't raise no foo'!"

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - "Oh, if they were Sean Jean sweatpants it would be no problem, but because they were Costco brand, it's the worst thing I could do. "

1. Pride and Prejudice - "From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize that you were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry. "


  1. love the list, but it pains me that pride and prejudice is your favorite...haha

  2. Oh and that's what she your in parentheses comment at the top.

  3. I put up my list and it totally beats your list. It even says so in the title.

  4. and what are you talking about with the parentheses?

  5. Both these blogs are getting way to heated, I'm outta here.

  6. is getting pretty serious. You should have said something to lighten the convo up a bit. Perhaps a random word or phrase that makes people uncomfortable.

  7. You changed the that's what she said comment and turned it into LIES! You bitch...

  8. I didn't ever say that's what she said...Oh no. There's been a miscommunication here.

  9. I know you didn't say wrote in () (This was really hard) and I wrote..."that's what she said" in regards to that. Then you changed it to (Which is clearly better than meg's) longer making "that's what she said" funny.


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