Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our New Puppy!!

Okay, so maybe she's not quite a puppy, but she's adorable none the less. Her name is Boo and we adopted her today from the Salina Animal Shelter. She's 4 years old and a Collie/Shepherd mix - a.k.a. really pretty and really friendly!! :-)

This past weekend Meg, Mom and I went to the Topeka Bridal show. We saw lots of very cool stuff while we were there and a very cool fashion show. We also got to meet the Florist, who was so cool!! I'm so excited that she's doing my flowers as she seems to know what I do and don't want (nothing tacky, of course!). Meg also found her perfect wedding table setup while we were there, so we killed two birds with one stone!

After the bridal show, Meg and I went to Lawrence to have a girls night with a few of our favorite gal pals. We had a very nice dinner and then chatted the night away at Jamie's really nice apartment. (haha...sis and I had some fun with our "Zoolander" faces. We call this one "Blue Steel")

Matt finished up his ASM (Advanced Shift Management) Training last week. Mom kindly came down to stay with me while he was away and we had such a dandy time hanging out, making wedding plans, and finding healthy meals that I certainly didn't want her to leave!! Matt seemed to have a good time with the training and even met someone from Morroco, which is pretty cool.

This weekend, we actually don't have anything going on, for the first time in a long while. We both have the day off on Saturday, and hopefully we'll get some play time in with Boo while we have the chance! Sunday I get to baby-sit Gabriel, so I'm pretty excited about that. He loves dogs, so hopefully he'll love Boo, too.

All is well in the city of Salina, as I hope it is in all of the cities that the rest of my families live in! Thank goodness it's almost Friday!! :-D

Lots of Love,
Matt and Mal


  1. Hey Matt and Mal, were very excited to meet Boo soon! I guess you won't need me to protect you when Matt is gone next!

  2. haha, well maybe not protect me, but you can still come hang out with me and drink Arbor Mist!!

  3. Not to mention the delicious Sparkletini~!
    Love ya, mom


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